SCHICK- “Locker Room Talk”

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SCHICK- “Locker Room Talk”

Director: Andrew Barchilon
Produced by: Bryght Young Things
Agency: Mullen Lowe

TALENT: Kevin Love, Michael Phelps, Paul Pierce, Channing Frye

Director of Photography: Topher Osborn
Produced By: APK.NYC
Music: Cough Cool

We partnered with director Andrew Barchilon (co-creator of the legendary Eric Andre show), and Mullen Lowe to re-claim “Locker Room Talk” and provide a space for superstar athletes Michael Phelps, Paul Pierce, and Channing Frye to establish a new narrative around some key issues. The result was remarkable conversations about what healthy masculinity looks like and the content serves as a challenge to all of us to keep pushing these boundaries

IThe campaign has been raised funds for the Movember Foundation, an organization that promotes awareness for mental health, prostate and testicular cancer, & suicide prevention. We’re honored to stand alongside this initiative and do our part to bring all of these pieces together in the name of increased wellness.


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