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ONEWHEEL: PINT drop & “Fake Pharma

Director: Rhys Stover
Director of Photography: Joe Victorine

Senior Producer: Steve Cozzarelli
Producers: Sean Delahunt + Kirstin VanSkiver

In 2019, Bryght Young Things has led the creative ad campaigns to bring the innovative, Oneewheel PINT to the masses.

Starting with a :60 film that racked up over 10 million views, BYT wrote and directed ads that announced the PINT to the world. Partnering with the Santa Cruz based rideable brand, BYT has helped to move the needle on awareness, and inform new audiences via creative ideas and marketing.

Our second film for the brand, titled: “Fake Pharma” is a parody of pharma marketing. The film mocks the pitfalls of low to moderate stoke levels, and provides an anecdote…the Onewheel PINT.

written and directed by Rhys Stover, the films have been a huge success and another example of BYT elevating the messaging of rising brands.


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