onewheel - “PINT”

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Onewheel - “PINT”

Directed by: Daniel Navetta + Rhys Stover
Written by: Daniel Navetta + Rhys Stover
Director of Photography: Joe Victorine
Producer: Sean Delahunt

Post-Production: Bryght Young Things
Color: Josh Bohoskey at The Mill.
Audio mix: Tom Camuso at Brooklyn Post

Featuring: Jeff Staple, Justin Kerr, snny, Sigrún EvaJónsdóttir

Written and directed by BYT, this new film to announce the Onewheel “Pint” is a high energy mix of scripted comedic beats and lifestyle.

Onewheel has been making motorized skateboards in California for the last 6 years, and PINT is the first re-design of their wildly popular product.

BYT worked as both agency and production company to concept the film from it’s day one, to delivery. Featuring a slew of easter eggs and cameos, the final product pushes the boundaries for Onewheel marketing and continues to showcase our ability to tackle a diverse mix of projects.


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