Business of HYPE

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Errolson Hugh Catalogs His Illustrious Career, From Karate Gis to the Lunar Force 1

Interviewer: Jeff Staple
Director: Daniel Navetta/Bryght Young Things
Producer: Jade Chung/Hypebeast
Editor: Robert Marshall/Hypebeast
Photographer: Eddie Lee/Hypebeast

On this episode of Business of HYPE with jeffstaple, we dive into the mind of ACRONYM's co-founder and principal designer, Errolson Hugh.

For 80 minutes, we learn how Hugh has become your favorite designer's favorite designer, spawning a new generation of street-minded technical fashion brands. He talks about discovering the functionality in karate gis at the age of 10, meeting his longtime partner Michaela Sachenbacher in college, moving to Berlin and designing outerwear for the likes of Burton, causing mass hysteria with 2015's Lunar Force 1, and so much more.

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